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Thread Name: Ember's Gallery
|Big|Wayne| 16243
These sprites are made by me some of them maybe recoloring only , but mostly, Recoloring AND editing. I will put on the info of each and every Pokemon. If you want to use as pic or any signature. Please give credit

I started with Blaziken. A combination of all The Fire Starters.
But officially Thanks to Embroar Here is The Sprite :

Now here is Swellow and Pelliper.

(The Graphics became lower)

Then I came up with a Deoxys idea, A deoxys and a tyrouge.

And then a Torterra style Venasaur. (with some extra colors from Roserade)

Well Testing Out, I will update sooner.

.Jaizu! 0
Well, the sprites are regular, I had better do recolored changing aplet by other Pokemon and everything would be better.
Chimeras are more difficult to make.

Deoxy nice xD
|Big|Wayne| 16243
Thanks for your opinion jaizu!